Past News


Past News

September 2006 - PLASA Exhibition London

Peter Mapp will be presenting a seminar on Voice Alarm System design as a part of this year’s Plasa education programme

April 2006  - Gatwick Airport 

Peter Mapp and Associates have been engaged to carry out a review of the PA systems throughout Gatwick airport. This in addition to their ongoing work associated with Pier 3 refurbishment.

April 2006 - Institute of Acoustics Speech Intelligibility Meeting

Peter Mapp will be chairing the one day IOA meeting on speech intelligibility to be held at the Royal Society in London in April. The meeting will open with a review by Peter on intelligibility measurement.

April 2006 - Liverpool Cathedral new sound system ready for Easter 2006

The new sound system at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral was completed in time for Easter and was heard by a congregation of 2000 people. One of the vergers commented that it was the first time that he had heard what was being said for 40 years !

April 2006 - Chelsea FC Stadium PA System Upgrade

Peter Mapp has been appointed to design and supervise the upgrading of the PA system at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge Stadium.  The brief is to provide a premier sound system to match their status in the league.

January 2006 – Peter Mapp has been appointed by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea to advise them in respect of the alleged noise nuisance occurring in the vicinity of Earl’s Court Tube station.

August 2005 - Bath Abbey

Peter Mapp has been appointed as consultant to Bath Abbey, to specify and supervise the installation of a new sound system. 

July 2005 - Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral 

Peter Mapp has been appointed to design a new sound system for the cathedral’s challenging 11 second reverberation time.  This project is particularly complex, needing to integrate the new loudspeaker system into the stunning architectural environment, whilst still achieving a high degree of intelligibility. 

May 2005 - Manchester United PA System Upgrade & Quadrant Development.

Peter Mapp has been appointed  to design and specify the new sound systems for MUFC’s Quadrant Development at Old Trafford.  This includes not only extensive internal sound systems to cater for new function suites and concourses, but also the expansion of the stadium spectator seating areas.  Peter Mapp has been acoustic advisor to MUFC for the past 13 years.

April 2005 - IEC 60268-16 Intelligibility Standard  4th Edition

Peter Mapp has been appointed by the IEC as the convenor of the working group tasked with rewriting and updating the international standard on intelligibility measurement.

May 2005 - Audio Engineering Society Barcelona Convention,

Peter Mapp will be presenting a paper discussing the accuracy of speech intelligibility measurements.

March 2005 - NSCA Convention Orlando

Peter Mapp will be teaching a special half-day Intelligibility Optimisation Class as part of the NSCA education programme. Peter has been involved with the National Sound Contractors Association for the past three years, and will also be lecturing at the new associated Amsterdam Convention in February.

January  2005 - Acoustical Society of America (ASA) Fellowship 

Peter Mapp has been elected to the ASA College of Fellows in recognition of his contributions to sound system design and speech intelligibility. 

Oct 2004 - Institute of Acoustics Reproduced Sound Conference, Oct 2004

Peter Mapp will be giving the Peter Barnett Memorial Award Lecture at this year’s Reproduced Sound Conference.  (In 2003 Peter Mapp became the first UK recipient of the IOA’s ‘Peter Barnett Memorial Award’ in recognition of his extensive work and research in the fields of Electroacoustics and Speech Intelligibility.)  The lecture is entitled ‘Dumb Microphones and Deaf Loudspeakers’.

Brighton Arena, 2004 Project.

Peter Mapp has been appointed to design the sound systems for the new multi-purpose indoor arena. The design work includes the performance systems for the main arena, emergency paging and evacuation system and general announcement and show relay facilities throughout the complex.

NSCA Convention Las Vegas March 2004

Peter Mapp will be teaching a special half-day Intelligibility Optimisation Class as part of the NSCA education programme. Peter has been involved with the National Sound Contractors Association for the past three years, and will also be lecturing at the new associated Geneva Convention in February.

AES Hearing Workshop New York October 2003

Peter Mapp will be on the panel of experts discussing sound system design and hearing, to be held during the 115th AES Convention in New York. He will be discussing the effects of hearing loss on speech intelligibility and the implications for sound system and assistive listening systems design.

White City Development

Peter Mapp has been appointed as PA Systems Consultant for the vast new retail development going ahead at White City, near the BBC TV Centre, London. This not only includes all the retail areas and car parks, but also responsibility for the PA and Emergency Sound Systems for the associated new London Underground Station, Bus Station and ancillary areas.

Syn Aud Con Test & Measurement Workshop - Kentucky August 2002

Peter Mapp is on the staff of the Syn Aud Con test and measurement workshop to be held in Louisville Kentucky on August 28-29. Apart from discussing general acoustic and audio measurement techniques, Peter will be talking about how we match what we measure with what we hear and how to measure speech intelligibility.

PLASA Exhibition London September 8 -11 2002

Peter Mapp will be presenting two seminars at Plasa in London this September. (10 & 11). He is part of the CADAC education programme and will be talking about how to overcome difficult acoustic environments when designing and setting up sound systems.

AES 113 Convention Los Angeles October 2002

Peter Mapp will be presenting a paper at the 113 AES convention. The paper is in the sound reinforcement session and is titled " Limitations of current sound system verification techniques". The presentation will discuss current measurement methods and their limitations and the potential errors that typically occur when making such measurements. It will dispel a number of myths surrounding the subject and show that we still have a long way to go before we can confidently state that we are able to accurately measure the intelligibility of a normal voice alarm (VA) or PA system.

Upcoming Article

The September issue of S&VC magazine has an article by Peter Mapp discussing the effects of acoustic reflections on the listening environment. The article shows that whereas some reflections are beneficial others are not and in fact can be positively detrimental to sound quality and to speech intelligibility.

STI conference Netherlands, October 24 & 25 2002

Peter Mapp will be taking part and presenting a paper at the special STI conference to be held in Holland in October. The conference will bring key researchers and experts from all over the world to discuss intelligibility measurement and the STI method.

ISCE PA/VA Conference London July 2002

Peter Mapp gave a number of presentations at the ISCE conference on Public Address and Voice Alarm systems held in London in July. Peter discussed the background to speech intelligibility and methods of measurement as well as presenting a paper on new loudspeaker technologies.

AES regional conference in St Petersburg June 2002

Peter Mapp presented a paper titled Modifying STI to better suit Subjective Impression. The paper discussed a number of short comings of the STI method and showed how typical sound system idiosyncrasies can fool STI into giving the wrong answer. The paper will be followed up later this year with further research and presentations at the AES 113 convention in Los Angeles in October and also at the ASA meeting in Mexico in December.

AES 112 Convention Munich May 2002

Peter Mapp presented a paper tilled Relationships between Speech Intelligibility Measures for Sound Systems. The paper presented much new information on the inter relationships between the various measurement techniques. One result that caused quite a stir was Peter's finding that for typical sound systems, Rasti could typically have an error of up to 0.1 STI which is very significant in the context of verifying Public Address and Voice Alarm system performance.

Peter Mapp also chaired a workshop on Distributed Mode Loudspeaker Technology which discussed both the theory and applications of this new class of loudspeaker.


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